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My Sister

Sis, why were you mad at me today?  Was it because I was being guarded and unreasonable.  I wasn't really in a crabby mood.  I just felt I had to do a lot of eliminating of false friends/false prophets from our inner circle.

For the sake of my sanity, Sis, I need to get rid of all negative energy from those who do not truly love me and believe in me.  I've been in major self-care mode and changing negative patterns in my life.

Was the Pisces actually Rihanna?  She's a self-made BILLIONAIRE now  *eyes boggle*

I'm so broke and in financial ruin, Sis.

You were mad at me a bit today.  Saying I'm not an artist or a creator.  I truly am but I just haven't done it in a while.  But yes, I am essentially a designer.  But I also create and do art if I can.  But usually those I work for prefer I just design.

But I do hope that one day I can test my skills once again as a Creator and Artist.

xoxo sis


Green Bearded Iris

Irish.  An homage to my Irish roots.



My flower is still the Iris, despite what Alyssa deludes herself into believing.


Flowers, Marie Antoinette

The film Marie Antoinette is a classic favorite of mine.  However, I do not liken myself to that particular royal who told the starving poor to eat cake and then was subsequently beheaded.

Perhaps they interpret the posts on desserts as such.  However, I just have a sweet tooth.  Of course I care deeply about social justice and reform.  Not only do I care but I have walked the walk, having spent countless hours and days with NYC's homeless, drug-addicted, and mentally ill.  Of course I care.  I spent close to eight years with those deemed as pariahs of society.

Do not be so quick to think of me as a Marie Antoinette.  Those who know me truly, know better.

Moreover, why do you keep showing me flowers other than the Iris.  I discovered that flower and it is my signature flower.



I am Iris.  It is my signature flower.



I am Iris Reeves.

I am an artist.

I reside in Ankara, Turkey.

I have a puppy named Toggle.